There IS life after breast cancer, REALLY!  It just changes.  You change.  The way you see life sometimes changes.  The thing is, life can be good again. 

First of all, if you're here because you've just been diagnosed with breast cancer, get ready, because I'm sending you a great big virtual (((HUG))).  If you're here because you're in the middle of treatment, you will get a lot gentler hug.  :^)  Trust me, I know what you're feeling, it's often the pits, but this will pass.

If you're here because you've already gone through it, YOU GO GIRL!  GOOD FOR YOU!  You're probably wondering what's next, because you've been going in slow motion for so long with treatments, and now suddenly you're feeling like you're on your own and you're terrified.  Kind of feels like you just woke up, and found that you're teetering on the end of a diving board, huh?  Hang around, let's talk.  We ALL go through it. 

BUT, if you're here because you have a friend who's going through it and you're wondering what you can do to help, lean in close and listen carefully...ready?  Are you listening??  GET YOUR FRIGGIN' CAR KEYS AND GO SEE HER!  WHAT ARE YOU DOING STILL HERE?  Well, OK, maybe you can stay a few minutes and get a feel of what she's thinking and going through.  But then, go straight over, alright? She needs her friends.  :^)

Click the links at the top of this page to check out other pages about the various stages of treatment and things you'll need to know.

If you've had a mastectomy, be sure to visit my other website ( for free patterns and instructions on everything from converting your regular bras into pocketed mastectomy bras, to making your own lightweight breast forms.  Got a problem you've not found the answer to?  We'll find the answer together.  We're women, it's what we do.  :^)